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RMCS has a pool of professional trainers, who are certified by Human Resource Development Council of Malaysia (PSMB) and are capable of conducting the following programs.


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The below programs can also be conducted in Malay & Chinese Language**


  • LEAD Program for Managers | 3-Day (SBL- Khas)

  • Customer Service Excellence - A Rethink! | 1-Day (SBL - Khas)

  • Leadership Development for Middle Managers | 2-Day (SBL - Khas)

  • Training Needs Analysis Workshop | 2-Day (SBL - Khas)

  • Managing Discipline & Performance | 2-Day (SBL - Khas)

  • Termination of Employment - VSS, MSS & Retrenchment | 2-Day (SBL - Khas)

  • Self-Mastery Program (Essential Level) | 2.5-Day (SBL - Khas)

  • Performance Management Workshop | 2-Day (SBL - Khas)

  • Effective Supervisory Skills | 2-Day

  • Safety & Health Awareness Program | 1-Day

  • Effective Stress & Time Management | 2-Day

  • Building Team Dynamics | 2-Day (Outdoor/Indoor)

  • Formulation of Vision, Mission & Core Values Workshop | 2-Day

  • Workplace Sexual Harassment Prevention | 1-Day

  • CSR Awareness Workshop | 1-Day

  • Communication & Interpersonal skills | 2-Day

  • Facilitation skills | 2-Day

  • Problem solving and Decision-making skills | 2-Day

  • Strategic Management | 2-Day

  • HR Management for Non-HR Managers | 2-Day

  • Financial Management for Non-Financial Managers | 2-Day

  • Critical thinking workshop | 2-Day

  • Transformational Program for Organization | Upon request 

  • Human Profiling Tool for Recruiter | 1-Day (SBL - Khas)

  • HR Tact Learning Group Program | 12-Day (New - see below) (SBL - Khas)

  • Other Programs | Upon request


HR Tact Learning Group Program Series or HTLG comprises of the following modules:

1. Human Resource Management (HTLG-HRM) & Understanding of Employment Act 1955 & Industrial Act 1967 (HTLG-EAIR)

2. Talent Acquisition (HTLG-TA)

3. Learning & Development (HTLG-LD)

4. Performance Management (HTLG-PM)

5. Reward Management (HTLG - RM)

6. Talent Review & Succession Management (HTLG - TRSM)


Participants can sign up for individual module or the entire HTLG Program Series. Participants who sign up for the entire HTLG Program Series will be tagged in the WhatsApp Group called HTLG-Chat-Discuss-Coach to enable them to be coached thru the 12 months' learning duration. Issues or challenges in relation to HR that faced by the participants at their respective workplace will be shared, discussed and overcome collectively under professional guidance & coaching. The entire 12 months' duration will also enable the program facilitators to assess and provide consistent feedback to the participants on their learning to ensure each modular learning objectives is achieved.  

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