HR Management System (HRMS)

Prepare ahead for HR/Workforce Analytics for Better Business Decision Making

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Why do you need HRMS?

  • Vital in keeping and tracking all HR processes

  • Ensuring their transactional and strategic HR activities are maintained for reference and decision-making purpose

  • Enable the necessary workforce/HR analytics be drawn up as and when necessary for Management’s decision


Partnering with Ren Innovations Sdn Bhd (RI)

Right Mind Consulting & Services Sdn Bhd is partnering with Ren Innovations Sdn Bhd (RI) for the sales and implementation of flexHR® Management System. 

flexHR® Management System comprising of all basic HR modules as well as strategic modules. The system can be either be installed on-premises or on SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), which is on subscription basis. 


The flexHR® comprises of multitude key features, which are:

  • Automating most of the common HR processes 

  • Provides not only administrative HR, employee/employer self-service, it also provides strategic functionalities that link HR processes with organisational goals which supports the clients growing needs and expansion 

  • Powerful non-technical user definable reporting and analytical tools 

  • Built on latest proven popular technology platform

  • Proactive business alert features for effective decision making everywhere and anytime

  • Seamless link to external commercial and commonly available ERP and financial system such as PeopleSoft, SAP, Baan, Oracle, Sun System, Navision, Coda, Workday etc.

More about flexHR®

 Standard yet powerful and user-friendly report writer that allows users to modify and create reports without referring to the vendor.

  • Create any amount of reports they want without incurring any additional cost.

  • Customer’s investment is protected against obsolescence.

  • Modules are integrated to a large extent and it can subscribed in modular form, creating great flexibility.

To request for a system demo and to further understand the system features, and pricing details, do reach out through our contact page.

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