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About Us

Right Mind Consulting & Services Sdn Bhd (RMCS) works in collaboration with clients to design their organizational structures, positions’ roles and responsibilities, designing their reward and performance system, and completing it by assisting them in their talent and succession management.


We do search for talents and conduct assessment on clients' candidates to ascertain their suitability and compatibility for the jobs as well as their cultural fit. 


Our business partners and associates are comprising of experienced HR professionals and Training & Organizational Development consultants, they are well experienced in the work systems in multinational companies as well as large local conglomerates, in Malaysia as well as in the ASEAN region. 

To complete the above,

We have a reliable HR Management System, locally designed and well-established, not only managing the HR transactional activities but also the strategic components of HR Management to complete the whole HR processes.


To be a leading local HR Consulting company.


To provide value-add HR services to benefit our clients at the most cost-effective manner, creating win-win always.

We believe that treating our clients with integrity & honesty, providing our best services to them will help us in achieving long-term business partnership and sustainability.