Self-Mastery Human Profiling Program

Understanding the Power of Numbers

This Self-Mastery Program Series, comprises of Essential, Professional as well as Certification programs that are designed based on the learning of power of numbers (numerology) and at the same time combining the research findings done by both the eastern and the western numerologists and numbers readers.


Learn to explore the various methodologies being adopted by the various numerologists and how to interpret the numbers in a more holistic manner.

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Image by Nick Hillier


Understand the meaning behind each number and the number pairs found in the 9STAR$ chart to truly minimize the impact of the negative side of the numbers,and leverage on the positive ones.


Detailed understanding of:

  • Individual Profiling number (1-9) and also the strengths and weaknesses of each Profiling number.

  • The numbers pair leading to the Profiling number (positive and negative side)

  • Simple analysis on the individual health condition.

  • Doing simple compatibility assessment between 2 parties

  • Interpreting the numbers pairs inside and outside the chart triangle


  1. Self-Mastery Human Profiling Program (Essential Program) – 2-Day – RM 1,787.00 (USD467)

  2. Self-Mastery Human Profiling Program (Professional Program) – 2-Day –
    RM 2,698.00 (USD674)

  3. Self-Mastery Human Profiling Program (Certification Program – with Assessment) – 2-Day – RM 3,112.00 (USD769)


  1. Numbers Analysis (Face2Face) session: RM 250/hour 

  2. Deposit of RM 150 must be made prior to the session, refer to Payment Section for this. Balance to be paid to the consultant after reading session.

  3. Number Analysis Report (Min 20 pages): RM750 / Report 

  4. Full payment must be made prior to the reading, and payment receipt please email to Report will be emailed or WhatsApp to you within 7 working days after payment received.